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Blurry Music

Blurry Music

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You Are Not Machines - The Great Dictator Speech

You Are Not Machines - The Great Dictator Speech

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Please Don't Leave Me Here

Please Don't Leave Me Here

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List of Works

If interested in performing any piece, or checking out the score, contact West Pine Music Publishing Co. @



Talking Points (2019) - piano, violin duo


please don't leave me here (2019) - piano, double bass, vibraphone, fixed media (premiered by Bearthoven)


I See Them (2019) - Vocal Quartet: S,S,S,MS (for Quince Ensemble, performance scheduled May 2019)


You Are Not Machines (2019) - violin, double bass, media (commissioned & premiered by NEXT Ensemble)


Paradigm Shift (2018) - string quartet (premiered by MIVOS Quartet)


Cognitive Dissonance (2018) - vibraphone, clarinet, cello


Blurry Music (2017) - piano, flute, double bass


Landheld (2018) - piano, violin, viola, harp, bassoon


Lament I (2018) - amplified piano, amplified flute (premiered by RighteousGIRLS)


Lament II (2018) - amplified piano, amplified bassoon


Lost: in two parts (2016) - violin and piano


Scherzoso Strings in D Minor (2015) - string quartet





A Different Place (2019) - violin and fixed media


Pulses for Contemplation (2018) - piano (premiered at the Bari Piano Festival in Italy)


The Raven (2015)piano



Large Ensemble


Separation (2019) - for mixed ensemble (string quintet, wind quartet, piano, 3 percussion)


Doubt (2019) - for orchestra


The Young One (2018) - percussion ensemble and their voices


Far From Home (2017) - concert band or wind ensemble

Ignite (2016) - chamber strings and piano



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